While we’re on a break…

Dear You,
Our blog is taking a break until further notice. Luckily many of the people on our and other teams continue to contribute to the visibility of Holland’s undocumented communities.

Websites and FB pages
Facebook page of the We Are Here/Wij Zijn Hier-collective  

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@naserali101010 (resident of Vluchtgarage)
@Sinankhan84 (resident of Vluchtgarage)
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We Are Pregnant – update

Fartuna and Hanane, the two ladies we wrote about on May 5th, would like to thank everybody for their generous donations. They both said that with regards to baby clothes and other supplies they’re set right now but there are a lot of pregnant ladies and young children at the asylum centres where they’re temporarily residing*. With these women and kids in mind we’d like to keep the donation flow going. Below you’ll find a list of supplies and the two addresses of the asylum centres.

Baby clothes
Kids’ clothes (age 1 – 6)

Joseph Haydnlaan 2
3533AB Utrecht
Drop off dates and times: Tuesdays between 13.00h and 15.00h. Please ask for/call Els Bakker (030-2943352) when you arrive.

Katwijk (close to Leiden)
1e Mientlaan 33-35
2223 LG  Katwijk
Please ask for: Hanane (room 221)

If you’d like to give away baby clothes, toys, etc. but your boxes and/or bags are too heavy and you don’t have a car, please send an e-mail to undocumentednl@hotmail.com . We’ll help you with your quest to find someone who can pick up your goods.

* Both ladies are currently residing in an asylum centres and health wise they’re doing okay. The stress of not knowing how long they can stay in the centres after their babies are born is still enormous and we all hope that a more permanent solution will announce itself.

Friday June 6 – political debate at De Vluchtmarkt (Ten Katestraat 63)

On Friday June 6 there will be a political debate at De Vluchtmarkt. The meeting, which will take place from 12.00h – 13.00h at Ten Katestraat 63, will be a conversation between our undocumented comrades of the We Are Here-collective and various politicians. We truly hope to see you there! 

For more info about We Are Here, please check their Facebook page