Prelude to an introduction

The Dutch asylum laws are nothing more than painful, murderous reminders that Holland’s carefully constructed image of inclusiveness and freedom is nothing more than a raggedy fairy tale with too many monsters and barely a hint of magic. Here, Brothers and Sisters who’re labeled ‘asylum seekers’ or ‘illegals’ find themselves fighting for more than their human rights… they’re fighting for their humanity. Fighting for social visibility, political relevance, proper yet basic medical care, shelter, food but most of all fighting against the Dutch regime that’s designed to lock them up in detention centers until they’re either forcefully deported or kicked out on the street again so they can continue Holland’s never ending xenophobic manhunt.

These men and women, their narratives, experiences and traumas are subject to the validation of organizations fueled by institutionalized racism and political apathy. If we only understand one thing about the way they’re treated, let it be that the only difference between ‘them’ and ‘us’ that one of these groups doesn’t have a passport.

With #undocumentednl we’re calling on your sense of collective identity and your understanding of humanity. Hopefully our homeless, undocumented comrades can count on your commitment to address and expose Holland’s racism and xenophobia.