Shower project – Volunteers needed

Thanks to the generosity of the lovely people of the Bijlmer, the 50 Brothers who’re now staying at Kralenbeek 100 will have a place to shower during the holidays.

To make everything run smoothly, we’re looking for the following volunteers:
– Women and men who can join the group on their walk from Kralenbeek to the shower place. This is a 20 minute walk.
– Men who can run our ‘shower time table’. There are four (separate) showers and a group of 50 men so we need help making sure everybody gets a turn. We’re looking for two men per shower room.
– 3 Women and men per day who can help us with welcoming & directing people.
– People who’re available to wash 50 small towels on the dates mentioned below.

Dates and times
For the following dates we’re looking for people who’re available between 11.00h and 13.00h.
– Friday December 27
– Saturday December 28
– Sunday December 29
– Monday December 30
– Thursday december 2
– Friday January 3
-Saturday January 4

Please let us know if there’s a task that has your preference.

Signing up
Please send an e-mail to and mention your name, phone number and availability. If you can also let us know if you speak Arabic, Tigrinya, Somali and/or Amharic that would be perfect!