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Kralenbeek 100 – Wanted: water

waterPeace dear folks,
We just got a phone call from one of the Brothers at Kralenbeek who asked if we could spread the word about the current water shortage due to some troubles with the pipelines. So if you’re one of the lovely people who’re spreading the word and/or donating supplies… please ask for/purchase bottles of water.

We’ll make sure to communicate the ‘statiegeld system’ to the gentlemen.

Public transportation to Kralenbeek 100: Subway 53 to subway station Kraaiennest.
Landmarks: The garage where the Brothers are staying is on the same street as the big mosque and right next to the big apartment building opposite of the shopping area.


List of much needed supplies – update

Dear folks,
Many thanks to all the people who blessed Kralenbeek 100 with some food, beverages and humanity these last few days. Yesterday we checked the supplies and with regards to peanut butter and chocolate spread the Brothers’ supply is impressive enough to last them at least 6 months. To keep matching the needs with the deliveries, here’s an updated list of what is and, at least for now, what isn’t needed.

To help us spread the word, please include #undocumentednl in your posts about the matter.

Much needed

1. Food and non-alcoholic drinks
– Instant coffee
– UHT/long life milk (Dutch: lang houdbare melk)
– Fruit
– Juice
– Salt
– Big pans
– Cutting boards
– Plastic plates, cups and cutlery

2. Personal care
– Paracetamol/ aspirin
– Hand soap and disinfection gel
– Toothbrushes and toothpaste
– Shower gel

– Shampoo
– Deodorant
– Crème, body lotion and/or vaseline

3. Clothes
– Shoes
– Socks
– Underwear

4. Mobility and contact
– Lyca cards
– Public transportation cards (GVB, Amsterdam area)

5. Other
– Fleece dekens
– (Lockable) storage boxes
– AA batteries
– LED lights
– Cleaning towels and gloves
– Baking soda (to clean with)
– Buckets
– Garbage bags

Please note:
– There’s limited storage room so as much as we would appreciate a truck load of big pans or buckets…
– The 53 people who’re temporarily residing at Kralenbeek 100 are all men. Until further notice the ladies are staying at Surinameplein 33-35 (5th floor)
– It’s not yet possible to cook in the kitchen. If you’re interested in delivering warm food, please send an e-mail to You’ll get a reply within 2 workdays.

At the moment, we have enough
– Fresh coffee
– Tea
– Chocolate spread
– Peanut butter
– Sugar
– Cheese
– Tomato sauce
– Canned vegetables

– Rice
– Pasta
– Toilet paper
– Chloride
– Liquid cleaner

List of much needed supplies – update

Yesterday afternoon we went to Kralenbeek 100 and four of the Brothers helped us to update the lists of needed supplies. Unless there’s an unexpected need for something, the next update will be posted on Friday December 27. If you’d like to set up something for future dates, please send an e-mail to When doing so, please use one of the following subject lines:
– Food / Maria
– Shower project / Simone and Beylula
– Interview request / Maria and Simone
– Other

Due to our schedules (full time jobs, lives, etc.) and the fact that we prefer to check most of the questions with the people whom it concerns, it’s not always possible to reply within a few hours or even the same day. Many thanks for your patience and understanding. Our aim is to reply within two days.

But back to the new list of much needed supplies:

Thanks to stacks of generous donations and other arrangements, they have enough food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) until Thursday December 26.

The gentlemen thank you for all the coffee and tea that has been brought over. They expect their supply to last at least one more week but right now there’s a need for:
– Fruit juice
– Milk

– Toilet paper
– Toothpaste
– Safety razors
– Shaving foam

(Wo)man power
– Volunteers for our shower project
– Barbers