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Armenian asylum seeker committed suicide, Teeven called to account

An Armenian asylum seeker who arrived in the Netherlands last December has committed suicide in woods near the refugee centre where he lived in Deventer, the NRC reports on Wednesday. The man, who had serious psychiatric problems, was under the supervision of the Dutch state but was not given any specialist help because he was due to be deported to Germany, the NRC says. […]”

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“Cabinet drops controversial plan to make illegality a criminal offence”

“In a major u-turn, the cabinet has abandoned plans to make being in the Netherlands without proper papers a criminal offence, following pressure from coalition partner Labour. In return for dropping a key part of the coalition accord, Labour has agreed to give a bigger tax break to people earning over €40,000 a year.

Labour MPs had remained opposed to the plan to make it a crime to be an illegal immigrant, despite its inclusion in the coalition agreement. ‘This was a measure which kept following us and continued to hurt us,’ Labour leader Diederik Samsom said on Tuesday, after the change of heart was announced. […]”

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